Real Talk: Erectile Dysfunction and Depression

Frustrated man sitting down with his head in his hands on a blue background

Link between erectile dysfunction and depression

It’s no surprise that being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction can have an effect on a man’s confidence or attitude, causing stress, low self-esteem, and anxiety. But what if it could lead to clinical depression or even suicidal thoughts?

One man’s story

A new editorial published by the BBC recalls the experience of a young man named Benn, who had been struggling to stay erect since the age of 16. The problem got worse and worse, making sex nearly impossible and eating at his emotional state. After illegally ordering Viagra from India, doing drugs, and even injecting shots into his penis, he thought that chances of finding a solution were slim. The now 25-year-old even contemplated suicide if the problem couldn’t be resolved by age 30, as he was running out of options.

Benn was diagnosed with a venous leak, rare for his age. He describes that the stress from hiding his secret had grown worse, causing relationships to end and ultimately breaking him down inside. Eventually, Benn found an answer in the form of a penis implant, and can now enjoy sex comfortably. His advice to those struggling?

Find someone you can talk to honestly about it before taking any treatment. And, if you can, find a supportive partner you feel comfortable with. Definitely don’t sneak around secretly popping Viagra like I did,” he says.

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