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How exercise and fitness relate to erectile dysfunction

We all know that exercising is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but staying active can also help fight erectile dysfunction for many men. A new study published in the Official Journal of The International Society for Sexual Medicine suggests that men who are overweight or have high blood pressure for example, and suffer with erectile dysfunction, will see improvements when adding physical activity into their otherwise “sedentary lifestyle”.

The science behind why physical activity can improve ED symptoms

Though it may seem obvious that physical activity can improve the lifestyle in someone who is overweight, has diabetes, or suffers from atherosclerosis, researchers have found that working out will benefit ED symptoms. According to ScienceNordic, there are two supported theories that can explain the link between physical activity and erectile dysfunction:

1. “Physical activity makes the blood vessels more elastic, allowing more blood to flow to the sex organs.

2. Physical activity stimulates the body’s production of nitrogen oxide, allowing the blood vessels to expand. This is essentially just what the popular medicine, Viagra, does.” 

The conclusions were based on both patient’s self-evaluation of improvement, as well as measurable standards such as circulation through the penis. Though exercise will not solve all cases of erectile dysfunction, it is worth implementing into your lifestyle if you are suffering from any of the medical conditions mentioned in the study.

Talk to your doctor

As noted in the article, doctors “expect this new recommendation to ease the symptoms of impotency, such that men who suffer severe erectile dysfunction can expect to see an improvement, while the problem could disappear entirely among men who suffer only mild problems.” Always consult with your doctor before implementing a new exercise regimen or to find out what options will work best for you.

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